To move out of this house. This is my time and I deserve to finally be out on my own. I’ve only done things for other people and I’ve completely neglected myself and what I need.. I’ve had enough..maybe if I got a “thank you” or “I appreciate the things you do”…but no. I’m too young to be this stressed out about things that shouldn’t even be my responsibility. Fuck this.


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MBF lulu-cifer

Bolded favorites:)

Unlimited reblogs, I’ll post at 8:00 p.m. MT 

Happy reblogging, my friends! :)

Aaaaand I’m sick. Fuck 😣😷

sexanddrugs: You're absolutely beautiful! Now that I got that out how are you ;) 

Aw thank you!! I’m good :) you?

superbatman69: Pipe, bong, blunt, or joint? 

Blunts and bongs 4 lyfe

Anonymous: Would you ever be up for a meetup if someone decides to take a trip to Mass? I'd gladly come down and smoke you up with my bud. <3 

Hell. Fucking. Yar.